The Espresso Martini has become the defining drink of this generation, yet it has also become synonymous with overly sweet bitter coffee. For this riff on an Espresso Martini I wanted to showcase the flavours of Mr Black and my chosen Espresso. To accomplish this I created a Wattleseed Vermouth and Cacao bitters to compliment the the rich chocolate notes of the coffee. The Mango Cordial and Orange Zest in the vermouth give a fruity acidity that lighten an otherwise sweeter drink.



 40 ml Wattleseed Vermouth
 20 ml Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml Mango Cordial
 30 ml Espresso Blend(Seven Seeds Golden Gate)
 2 dashes Cacao Infused Angostura Bitters



Brew Espresso. I used Seven Seeds Golden Gate Espresso Blend, a well-regarded Australian Roaster from Melbourne. In lieu of this use anything that is well balanced with more rich chocolate notes. For the brew ratio I went with 19g in/ 42g out in 26-32 seconds but use the brew ratio that best suits your coffee and espresso machine. Ensure that you make your espresso right before you make the cocktail to maximize the fresh flavour and foam in your drink.


To minimize the extra dilution that hot fresh espresso will cause ensure that your ingredients, boston shaker and ice are as cold as possible. For ice use larger, clear, and hardened ice cubes.


Add the Mr Black, Wattleseed Vermouth, Mango Cordial and Cacao Infused Angostura into the chilled Boston shaker first, then add the espresso. Quickly fill the shaker with as much ice as possible (This is once again to minimize unwanted dilution).


Allow the ice to temper for just a moment before shaking. This will stop the ice from shattering which would cause extra dilution and less aeration.


Shake until chilled and diluted.
Double strain over a large clear ice cube into a frozen single old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a mixture of dried wattleseed and ground cacao nibs. Enjoy!


1: Measure 200mls sweet, fortified, and aged Muscat or Muscatel. I used Campbells Rutherglen Topaque, an award-winning solera aged Australian Muscatel with toffee and tealeaf notes.
2: To this add 2g Dried Chamomile Flowers, 2g Orange Zest. Infuse for 1 day.
3: At the same time take 150mls Empirical Spirts Helena and infuse it with 15g Dried Wattleseed, 2g Dried Anise Myrtle, 1g Dried Wormwood (adjust this based on your wormwood, mine is very bitter and potent) and 1g Black Cardamom for 12 Hours.
4: Once the two infusions are finished pass them through a coffee filter.
5: Combine the two infusions at a ratio of three parts infused wine to two parts infused Helena. (E.g. 150mls Wine and 100mls Helena)
6: Re-infuse the vermouth with 2g dried wattleseed for 2 Hours to maximize flavour and help blend the two infusions.
7: Strain Through a Coffee Filter.


1: Combine 15g of Raw Cacao Nibs and 100mls of Angostura Bitters.
2: Infuse for 1 Week.


1: Combine 300g fresh mango slices, 300g of Caster Sugar, 300mls Verjuice, 3g Tartaric Acid, 1g Salt in a saucepan on medium heat.
2: Stir until the sugar, acid and salt has completely dissolved.
3: Turn the heat to low and gently let the mango infuse into the Syrup for 15 min.
4: Once satisfied with the flavour strain through a chinois and let cool.

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  1. maickcoolen 14 October 2021 at 11:25 am

    Sounds amazing! Will steal some of these recipes 🙂

  2. Aidan.perkins22 14 October 2021 at 4:10 pm

    Hi all! Steps 6-8 are the recipes for the Wattleseed Vermouth, cacao bitters and mango cordial! Any questions let me know!

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