This Cocktail with the full name of "The world's best gin and tonic infused with an espresso martini served as a Tom collins" is the best Gin and Tonic in the world, with the longest name in the world. The intention of this creation is that you can enjoy three of your favourite cocktails in one drink, where GT should be the first you notice followed by Tom Collins and for dessert a nice Espresso Martini.



 40 ml London Dry Gin
 20 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml Lemon juice
 10 ml Simple syrup
 50 ml Tonic Water



Combine Gin, Liquor, Lemon and Simple syrup in your shaker


Add ice and shake with a smile


Pour tonic into the shaker


Strain over ice into a chilled highball/collins glass and enjoy!

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