This is about the local. The "Chicago Handshake" is legendary, though many consider Malort's grapefruit mein undrinkable. But it's not the end of the world! Like a lemon peel after an espresso; acid, bitter, and coffee are symbiotic.
We add artisanal agave spirits, which have a wonderful texture in cocktails, and provide a savory element that the local craft rye bridges into luscious Mr Black coffee liqueur. The Malort and orange bitters add the citrus and the Falernum spice binds it all.



 1.50 oz Joven 100% Maguey Mezcal Banhez Espadin & Barril
 0.75 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.50 oz Coconut Oil fat-washed Jeppsen's Malort
 0.50 oz Falernum
 0.50 oz Local Craft Rye Whisky (Oppidan Bottled in Bond Rye)
 2 dashes Orange Bitters



Add mezcal, Mr. Black, coconut fat-washed Malort, falernum, and the rye or bourbon whisky to a mixing glass


Add ice to mixing glass and stir for 20-30 seconds until chilled


Strain over a large cube of ice into a rocks glass, and twist a lemon peel over the glass and then discard (or, in lieu of the peel, spritz with lemon oil on top of the drink)


Garnish with a lemon wheel like a summer's iced tea


To prepare the coconut oil fat-washed Malort:


Fill a mason jar with 8.5oz of the beautifully bitter conversation starter known as Malort.


Add in 2oz of coconut oil and shake vigorously to integrate the oils.


Freeze overnight, and the solids will separate. Take out of freezer, and strain through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a separate mason jar, where it will be ready for use.

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