My Uncle brought back pumpkin seed oil from his trip to Austria and I absolutely fell in love with it! I wanted to incorporate it into a cocktail. While fat washing was an option, I remembered trying the Oliveto cocktail when it was in one of Steve’s emails. The dryness and slight flavor it imparted to the sour captivated me. So, I decided to make a savory and earthy variation using Mezcal and pumpkin seed oil. It’s an absolutely unique cocktail that starts deceivingly light and develops into a smokey, vegetal, earthy brew that make me feel like I’m drinking a witch’s potion. I decided to have fun with the fanfare and embrace the imagery of a bubbling cauldron and use ingredients I thought could belong to a witch.



 1.50 oz Mezcal Union Joven
 0.75 oz Mr Black Coffee Liquerer
 1 oz Lemon juice
 0.75 oz 2:1 Cumin infused honey syrup
 0.50 oz Pumpkin seed oil
 0.50 oz Egg white
 1 dash Absinthe



Prepare cumin honey syrup
•toast cumin til fragrant and add to a 2:1 honey syrup and simmer for 15 minutes.
•strain syrup into a sterilized jar.


Add all ingredients to a shaker with no ice and dry shake


Add ice and shake again


Double strain cocktail into a chilled coupe or snifter that has been rinsed with absinthe


Garnish with a spray of flamed angostura bitters

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