It is hard to imagine a more natural flavor pair than coffee and chocolate. Mr. Black and Koloa Hawaiian cacao rum combine beautifully with bittersweet, spicy nocino and a touch of bright orange flavor, while a whole egg provides a very satisfying body and smoothness. The resulting drink is a lovely cappuccino color, and a perfect drink for Autumn.



 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Chocolate-Flavored Rum(Koloa)
 1 oz Nocino(New Deal)
 2 dashes Orange Bitters(Fee Brothers)
 1 Whole egg
 1 Orange



Chill a stemmed glass with a wide mouth and approximately 200 milliliters of volume


Remove a section of orange peel approximately two inches in length with a Y-peeler


Add Mr. Black, chocolate rum, Nocino, and whole egg into a cocktail shaker


Dry shake to begin to emulsify the egg


Add ice cubes to shaker and shake again


Using a Hawthorne strainer and fine strainer, strain drink into chilled glass


Dash orange bitters onto the foam on top of the drink


Express orange oil over the drink, then remove pith and cut orange peel into a rectangle with a slit in the middle. Use this slit to balance the orange peel section on the glass

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