Walking In Memphis is inspired by one of my all time favourite songs and the approach I take to cocktails in my venue; Memphis Slim's House of Blues.
Starting a shift with a coffee has been a staple of mine for the decade or so I've been in the industry and I don't plan on stopping now. Seppeltsfield is an amazing producer here in SA and I've always loved creating cocktails with all their flavour forward products. Mr Black provides an epic canvas to have some fun; what bartending's all about.



 40 ml Mr Black Coffee Liquerer
 30 ml Seppeltsfield DP117 (Fino)
 20 ml Yuzucello (Memphis Slim's)
 10 ml Roasted Wattleseed Distillate
 20 ml Coriole Verjuice



Add all ingredients to shaker and give a quick fast shake to combine and cool ingredients


Strain over pebble ice and top with pebble ice crown


Drink, enjoy, order again!


1kg Yuzu
1kg Caster Sugar
4L Koyomi Shochu

Peel all Yuzu and mix peels through Caster Sugar (this allows the sugar to strip the oils and flavouring from the skin) and allow to sit for 24hours


Juice Yuzu flesh and store in sealed container in fridge until ready to combine with peels & sugar


After 24 hours pour Shochu over peels & sugar and pop aside to sit for a week


Combine Juice with Shochu mix then fine strain into a bottle & Enjoy!

Roasted Wattleseed Distillate

If you have a rotary vaporator handy combine 1 bottle of textural vodka such at Ketel One with 20g of ground Roasted Wattleseed and distill under vacuum.


OR if you are like everyone who doesn't have a few grand to spend:
20g ground Roasted Wattleseed
1 Bottle of Ketel One
Vac seal and sous vide at 70 degrees for 3 hours
Oil filter and allow to cool then bottle

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  1. roxyb73 13 October 2021 at 5:28 pm

    Great shot 🙂

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