Macadamias, banana, vanilla, coffee and rum. What's not to love?
In the theme of a blend of both West indies and Australia's sprits/liqueurs, this cocktail aims to highlight the best notes of the rum with the botanicals of the liqueurs, bitters and syrup as a reinforcement.
Wonderful sweet start followed by a slight nutty, banana and coffee note. Finishes on a slight rum, slight coffee, slight banana and slight vanilla aftertaste.



 45 ml Compagnie des indies: Caraïbes rum
 22.50 ml Mr black
 15 ml Brookies mac liqueur
 10 ml Banana syrup
 1 dash Bob's vanilla bitters



Into a mixing glass add all ingredients and then ice.


Stir till chilled.


Strain and serve in a double rocks.


Garnish with bananas and macadamias.

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