Vanilla and Coffee. Do I really need to say more? An almost evenly classic match are Rum and Banana flavours. Added a bit of chocolaty vibes and milk and I might have created a classic full-bodied coffee-forward cocktail. But intentionally, something is slightly off about this drink: The tiny amount of Sambuca with it's distinct and piercing taste of anis throws the drink just a tad to the vice side and thus making it an intriguing, interesting tasting experience with every sip: The Vanilla Vice



 1.50 oz Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Spiced Rum
 1 oz Banane du Brésil(Giffard)
 1 oz Whole Milk
 0.25 oz Creme de Cacao Brown
 0.50 tsp Sambuca
 ¼ Vanilla bean



Combine all liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker.


Cut 1/4 of a Vanilla bean open down the middle with a sharp knife and then use the knife to scrape the vanilla seeds out and into the shaker.


Add 3 Ice Cubes and shake for 12 seconds.


Double strain into an old fashioned glass. The tiny black vanilla seeds will go through the double straining and will float in the drink. This is desired as it adds flavour and an appealing appearance to the drink.


Ice in the glass is optional. I prefer one larger cube.


Garnish the drink with the 1/4 vanilla bean that you scraped out. Add a cocktail straw or drink straight out of the glass.




Instead of whole milk you can of course use a vegan/non-dairy milk alternative of your choice.

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