My wife and I love spending time with family and friends plying everyone with great food and drink. Our adult daughter was visiting and not wanting the evening to end, I thought about a coffee cocktail. As a home mixologist I have plenty of good ingredients on hand and hit on this combination. When my daughter tasted it, she exclaimed, "This is not a drill!" refusing to give it back. So I made one after another, and now everyone asks for it by the name she gave it. It's simply that good!



 2 oz Fresh brewed espresso
 1 oz Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquer
 1 oz Kahlua
 1 oz Meletti Cioccolato



Add all of the ingredients to a glass mixing pitcher filled with ice.


Stir 10-15 seconds to chill the hot espresso and combine the ingredients.


Strain into a glass coffee mug over fresh ice.


For those who prefer their coffee with creamer, add 1 oz. heavy cream or milk and shake the ingredients together, again straining over fresh ice to serve.


Upon tasting this incredibly delicious cocktail, shout "This is not a drill" and enjoy!

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