Combining butterscotch and coffee flavour with a choc-nut garnish my cocktail is inspired by the word pilot in all senses, from one who controls an aircraft to a test or experiment of something with either meaning invoking excitement and adventure. In summary I was inspired by both work and play and the reasonable balance of both.



 60 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Butterscotch schnapps
 2 tbsp Espresso
 1 tbsp Almond milk
 1 Chocolate button (garnish)
 1 Pecan, halved (garnish)
 melted chocolate and gold leaf (garnish)



In a cocktail shaker add 60 ml Mr Black, 15 ml butterscotch schnapps, 2 tblspns espresso, 1 tblspn almond milk & ice


Shake vigorously to combine ingredients and create a froth


Pour into martini glass


Garnish with pilot wings - a pecan halved, dipped in melted chocolate and stuck to a chocolate button to resemble crew wings and dotted with gold leaf in the centre to finish

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