This drink came from my desire to highlight the various tropical flavors that can accent the flavor of coffee. Coffee is a tropical ingredient, so it naturally pairs well with other tropical ingredients. Adding the shochu made sense with the naturally nutty and banana notes, and further infusing banana. Cascara tea was also a way of adding fruitier coffee notes and the vessel being vermouth to add more acidity and depth but keeping the drink light. The rum needed to be light and not too loud.



 1.50 oz Rum(Mosswood Day)
 1.50 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.50 oz Banana Infused Shochu(St. George California)
 0.50 oz Cascara Infused Sweet Vermouth (Lo-Fi)
 0.40 oz Lime Juice
 0.50 oz Pineapple Juice (fresh)
 0.50 oz Walnut/Almond Orgeat (or regular orgeat)
 1 dash Absinthe
 5 drops Mullings Spice Tincture
 10 drops Banana Tincture



Build cocktail in Hamilton beach blender or in a shaking tin.


Add about 7oz of crushed ice to the hamilton beach or about 4oz to the shaking tin and blend or whip shake, respectively until frothy.


Dump into a 14oz glass. (I used clear recycled glass)


Top with crushed ice (if needed)


Heavy dashes of cacao angostura to cover the crushed ice.


Build nice mint bouquet, slap


Place a pineapple triangle in front of the mint, off-centered.


Place a straw behind the mint.

Banana Infused shochu

Take 200g chopped "Natural Dried Bananas" and infuse with 450ml of shochu over night, strain.

Cascara infused Lo-Fi sweet vermouth

Infuse 450ml of vermouth with 200g 'cascara coffee cherry tea' overnight and strain.

Mullings spice tincture

Take 150g coarsely broken mullings spice and infuse with 400g everclear overnight and strain.

Banana Tincture

Take 200g chopped "Natural Dried Bananas" and infuse with 400ml of everclear over night, strain.

Cacao Angostura

Take 150g of cacao nibs and infuse with 300ml of angostura bitters overnight, strain

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  1. Spice Gal 18 October 2021 at 8:35 am

    Okay okay ?? This drink isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. The banana infusion was 10/10, rocked my world.

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