The choice of this being served in a snifter was ideal for the aromatic senses, you get the lovely bitterness from the coffee & stout, rich in chocolate and cinnamon, mixed with heated textures of spice, pepper, a feeling the warms the palate on the first sip, it’s fire & ice simultaneously.



 3 oz Stout
 1.25 oz Bourbon WhiskeyOld Grandad 100
 1 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.75 oz Ancho Reyes Verde
 3 dashes Habanero Shrub(Bittermens)



First pour 3 parts of stout from a tap preferably, then, separately build the remaining ingredients into a mixing glass.


Stir over ice for about 10 seconds, being sure not to over dilute the cocktail, then pour into your snifter.


If you “cycle” your pour into the glass you can get a “stormy” look in the head of the beer, hence the name, The Eye of The Storm.

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