My thought process behind this cocktail was an espresso martini but with much more body and richness. I got The Dark Roast. This cocktail is layered with flavor and leagues above a regular espresso martini due to its bold and balanced complexity. The deliberate use of the Mr. Black crude big bear bitters paired with velvety homemade bourbon caramel work in unison to bring out the rich oak flavor of the whisky. Yet, it’s the delicate texture that brings all these luxurious flavors together.



 1.25 fl oz Japanese Whisky(Nikka Coffey Malt)
 0.50 fl oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.25 fl oz Frangelico
 2 dashes Coffee and Cocoa Bitters(Big Bear Crude Bittters)
 1 Shot Freshly brewed espresso
 0.15 fl oz Homemade bourbon caramel



Make your caramel from scratch. Use any high proof bourbon.


Brew fresh espresso with a espresso machine. Preferably use a dark roast coffee beans and ground fresh.


Build everything in tin within 30 seconds of brewing the espresso.


Shake very hard so you get nice layer of foam. Can even dry shake as well.


Garnish with three coffee beans and very thinly shaved Beyond Good Organic 80% Cocoa Pure Dark Chocolate on sprinkles on foam top.


The original idea for the garnish was a coffee sphere top melted on top with over proof rum but then probably would of went of the 120ml limit of alcohol.

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