I live in Austin, Texas, but am from Tennessee. I often miss the mountains, fall colors, and apple orchards from TN, but it’s still too dang hot in Austin to enjoy hot apple cider. Instead, I wanted a drink that felt transitional; it’s still refreshing and goes down easy because of the ginger beer, but the barrel-aged coffee and the bourbon bring it back into something more warming. It makes me think I’m on a back-patio, looking at the mountains and waiting for a brisk wind and thunderstorm.



 2 oz Apple Cider (store-bought is fine, but I made a homemade recipe prior)
 1 oz Mr. Black x Whistlepig Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Bourbon Whiskey(Bulleit)
 0.50 oz Apricot Liqueur
 Ginger Beer(Q Mixers)
 Simple Syrup or Honey
 Cane Sugar



Rim the cocktail glass with syrup or honey. Dip in cane sugar to create a decorative rim.


Crush ice with a mallet / ice bag. Fill short glass with ice.


In a cocktail shaker, fill with ice. Combine the Mr. Black, bourbon, apricot liqueur, and apple cider. Shake well.


Strain into the prepared glass and fill with ginger beer.


Garnish with apple slices, orange slices, and cinnamon sticks. Enjoy immediately 🙂

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  1. zeitgeber 12 October 2021 at 11:37 am

    Hi! I’m the creator, here to answer any questions if ya have ’em. This was my first real time making something on my own so I appreciate constructive feedback!

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