This is a coffee cream based Martini with a flare. Last year we found Steve the Bartender on YouTube. I very much enjoyed watching last year's challenge and tried several of the cocktails. I wanted to bring together 2 of my favorite drinks revel stoke pecan wiskey and Mr. Blacks, figuring the coffee and nut flavors would mix well and with a few other ingredients they blended marvelously. The fire part I got from Disney's Trader Sam's ohoha. Thought it was cool.



 66 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 22 ml Pecan Whiskey (Revel Stoke)
 7 ml Cinnamon whiskey(Fireball)
 22 ml heavy whipping cream
 3 dashes cocoa bitters
 5.00 tsp everclear 151
 3 pinches of ground cinnamon



Combine all the ingredients except the everclear and ground cinnamon into a shaker. Add ice and give a good shake.


Strain into a chilled Martini glass.


Gently lower or pour over the back of a spoon your everclear 151 so as it floats on top of your Martini.


Light the everclear on fire and throw 2 to 3 pinches of ground cinnamon into the flame. Should spark like a sparkler.


Give a light stir and enjoy.

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