Tiki and coffee are 2 of my favorite things, so I was immediately inspired to combine them for this contest. Coffee made me think of a local Ohio roaster's delicious Highlander Grogg (the only flavored coffee I buy for personal consumption!), which in turn made me think of Navy Grog and its descendants, including the Ancient Mariner. Thus the Ancient Highlander was born. I utilized 3 other Ohio products in my specs, but alternatives should be available.



 1 oz Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Oloroso or Sherry Double Cask Whiskey(OYO Double Cask Collection Oloroso Wheat Whiskey)
 1 oz Pot-Still Rum aged in Charred New Oak Barrels(451 Spirits Pipe Dream Rum, can sub Plantation Dark or Plantation Xaymaca)
 0.50 oz Nocino (Green Walnut Liqueur)(Ohio's Watershed Distillery's)
 0.50 oz Orgeat
 0.75 oz Cold Brew Highlander Grogg Coffee(Ohio's Boston Stoker Original Grogg)
 0.75 oz Meyer Lemon Juice
 0.75 oz Blood Orange Juice
 3 dashes Black Walnut Bitters
 1 Sprig Mint
 3 Whiskey cherries in a spent lemon half "boat"



Add the juices, syrup, liqueurs, spirits, bitters and coffee to a shaker tin.


Shake well with ice.


Double strain into a chilled tall tiki vessel of your choice, filled with pebble ice (or a Don the Beachcomber Navy Grog ice cone if you are able).


Garnish with mint sprig, whiskeyed cherries in a lemon boat, or whatever else floats your tiki boat to the nearest coffee roastery.

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  1. gabriel.davidson1977 13 October 2021 at 12:13 am

    On the rum, I used 451 Spirits Pipe Dream Rum.
    Plantation options were mentioned as possible substitutions.

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