I wanted something to remind me of my last years in Colombia. Before Leaving to School some people would have Orange Juice and Hot Chocolate. I had Mango Juice and Coffee (albeit super Sweet). It was a weird mix, but I liked it so I wanted to try something playing around with those 2 flavors at least.



 0.75 fl oz Baccardi Rum Light
 0.75 fl oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.75 fl oz Malibu Rum
 0.75 fl oz Drillaud Vanilla Liqueur
 0.50 fl oz REAL's Mango Puree
 0.50 fl oz REAL's Cream of Coconut



Mix in all ingredients in a shaker


add Ice and shake to Chill


Strain and Pour in a Highball Glass


Fill up with Crushed Ice

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