The Cocktail is inspired by my passion of wintersports and Apres Ski. Since i live in Germany and mainly ski in Austria, there are 3 shots you normaly drink. Jaegermeister, Tequilla or Schnapps. Since i dont like the first two, i drink a schnaps instead. In this drink I wanted to incorporate that theme in combination with a snowy, winter setting. The Ice resembles the snow and the big mountain in the center. When you pour the drink in the glass, it resembles a snowstorm and later clouds settle.



 0.75 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 0.75 oz fresh espresso
 0.50 oz agave syrup
 0.50 oz Hazelnut schnapps (80 proof)
 0.20 oz Old marille schnapps(marille is a small apricot so apricot should be fine) (80 proof)



First, add the Mr.Black, the agave syrup and the hazelnut schnapps in your tin.


Then add a cracked ice cube to it (i used a 3cm*3cm)


Then fill crushed ice in a double old fashioned glass, and center a big ice cube in it, with one of the corners as the highest point (i crushed a propper 3cm*3cm cube and used another 3cm*3cm cube in the center, and it fitted pretty well. You could use a bigger cube and give it a mountain form to match the theme even better. For the sake of recreatability i used common sizes and basic cubes for the ice) so you have a "mountain top".


Then add the espresso to your tin (fill in the espresso as last ingredient so your foam gets thicker)


Shake for roughly 20 seconds to get a propper airation and a lot of foam


Single Strain the cocktail in the glass, but make sure not to pour it over the big cube in the center. Fill it in slowly at the edge.


Pour the old apricot schnaps slowly over the cube, so it creates a kind of float around it.


Since the cocktail is themed you dont need extra garnish.


Take the first sip with a straw of your choice without stiring and you will taste an allready pleasant but simple hazelnut/ coffee taste, with a slight apricot fragrance in your nose. After that stir the whole drink with your straw. After "the snowstorm settles again", you can taste the old apricot in it, and a simple sounding drink gets a rather complex taste profile. Enjoy!

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  1. Gina Einundneuzig 13 October 2021 at 9:33 pm

    <3 Loved it <3

  2. Der Coach 13 October 2021 at 10:19 pm

    After a big portion of Käsespätzle this drink bring’s you back to life 😉

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