Having played around with the recipe for Whiskey Rebellion for a few years (mostly just exchanging whiskey for other base spirits) I figured switching the Pimm's for Mr Black would be good, but wasn't too impressed with the result and moved on. However, when I first heard of the competiton I figured I'd put a bit more effort into making something of my idea, ultimately replacing every ingredient, ending up with something less quaffable than the original but, I'd like to think, more interesting.



 30 ml Tier Espadín San Juan del Río
 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml 2 % Tartaric Acid Solution
 20 ml Rich Canesugar Syrup
 Lime peel (or citrus of choice)



Dissolve 2 g tartaric acid in 100 g of water


Add all ingredients and ice to shaker and shake


Strain over fresh ice


Express and garnish w. lime peel

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