This cocktail was inspired by my dad, Steve (no, I wasn’t just trying to impress SteveTheBartender).
My dad’s tiramisu is one of the few foods I could eat endlessly, he’s spent 40 years in hospitality, and 60 years at home, perfecting his cooking and I’ve tried to condense all of that expertise into the perfect coffee cocktail.
Like the espresso martini, this drink could wake you up and f*** you up, but it can also be the perfect, smooth drink for you and friends to end the night with



 45 ml Vodka(Absolut)
 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Vanilla Liqueur(Galliano)
 45 ml Thickened Cream
 30 ml Espresso
 15 ml Simple Syrup
 3 sticks I Savoiardi



Prepare an espresso shot for your cocktail (and maybe an extra for yourself)


Add your simple syrup, cream, vodka, vanilla Galliano, Mr Black, and espresso shot to a shaker


Add 1 large ice cube and some smaller ice cubes


Shake vigorously for 8-10 seconds


Single strain into a glass mug


Place your 3 I Savoiardi biscuits on a plate and serve next to the cocktail

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