Here we have a heavy cocktail highlighting the Rum and Coffee, with notes of almonds and spices. The Coffee notes paired with the almond flavour of the Orgeat is standing up to the potent rums quite well. This drink is rounded off nicely with the spices coming through from the pimento, Branca Menta and Bitters.



 1.50 oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Black Jamaican Rum(Blackwells)
 1 oz Overproof Dark Rum(Plantation O.F.T.D )
 ½ oz Psychos Mix (see method)
 ¾ oz Orgeat
 1 oz Pineapple Juice
 1 oz Lime Juice
 3 dashes Xocolatl Mole Bitters(Bittermens)
 3 dashes Orange Bitters(Regan's)



Add all your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, and shake with 2oz of ice until completely diluted for maximum aeration.


Pour into large snifter/brandy glass filled with crushed ice


Garnish with fresh mint sprigs, grated nutmeg and a pineapple frond (or two)

Psychos Mix

Equal parts Branca Menta and Pimento Dram

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