I am planning a trip to South Africa for the first time and as a result making more cocktails with Amarula to prepare! I generally like my cocktails a bit less sweet, but just enough sweet so it's flavorful. Mr Black has a strong fragrant coffee flavor that it can withstand having both Amarula and some Godiva chocolate liqueur as companions. With the base as St. George, the combination is a balance blend of sweet and bitter that enhances the superb coffee taste of Mr. Black.



 1 oz Vodka(St. George)
 1 oz Mr Black
 1.50 oz Amarula
 0.50 oz Chocolate Liqueur(Godiva)
 1 tsp Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Powder(Ghirardelli)



Add the vodka, Mr Black, Amarula, and Godiva chocolate liqueur in a shaker with ice.


Shake for 15 seconds


Finish by topping it with the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Powder. Alternatively, for a more enhanced chocolate flavor, put the dark chocolate powder on the rim of the glass instead.

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