A very simple chocolaty and coffee forward drink for the sleepless nights. The dark chocolate tequila and Mr black coffee liqueur makes a breakfast style drink but don't get me wrong a couple of those could easily send you to your sleep. A thank you to my friends whose countless sleepless night with them inspired me to create this drink. This is only the sum of the gratitude for the people that i have met in my life. Cheers!!



 55 ml Dark chocolate tequila(Olmeca)
 22.50 ml Mr Black Coffee liqueur
 15 ml Lemon juice
 7.50 ml Simple syrup
 Heavy cream
 2 drops Saline solution



Put all the ingredients exept the heavy cream in a cocktail shaker


Add ice to your shaker and shake for 10-12 seconds. Strain in a chilled coupe or a d-rocks glass over ice. Float 45-50 ml heavy cream on top.


Garnish with coffee beans, espresso powder or coco Powder.

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  1. tolaras25 11 October 2021 at 8:32 pm

    you should try it at once!!!!

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