Shakes n' Jitters is a coffee take on a Ramos Gin Fizz, aiming to replicate the lightness and foam into a cocktail reminiscent of a coffee milkshake. First you shake it, then you jitter from the caffeine!
Heavy on the Mr Black to put the coffee flavour first, with added Amaro and maple whiskey to deepen the flavour and add a subtle sweetness, and the aroma of coffee being carried by the foam. Creamy, yet spritzy and fresh.



 60 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml WhiskeySortilege
 10 ml BrandyMetaxa 5 Stars
 5 ml Averna Amaro
 3 dashes Black Walnut Bitters
 15 ml Lime Juice
 30 ml Thickened cream
 20 ml Aqua Faba
 30 ml Soda Water
 1 Dark Roasted Coffee Bean



Put a Collins glass in the freezer to chill, make sure it's frosty.


Measure out all ingredients into a shaker EXCEPT the soda water and coffee bean. Shake for 30 seconds to incorporate ingredients.


Open shaker, add four 1x1 inch ice cubes and seal shaker.


Shake vigorously until all ice cubes have shattered and diluted in the shaker, or until there's no "ting" of ice hitting the tin. Aiming for the sound of thick froth being shaken in the shaker.


Open shaker, and fine strain contents into chilled Collins glass. Give one hefty tamp to help seperate the liquids from froth, then let sit for 2 minutes.


Once settled, pour soda water into a jigger and then gently pour soda into the middle of the foamy surface to make it rise. If you think you can make it rise higher, add more soda!


Insert a straw into the hole left by pouring the soda. It should be held there by the density of the foam.


Grate a fresh dark roasted coffee bean over the top of the foam.

Serve and enjoy!

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