Given the natural affinity of coffee and milk, I became very interested in developing a milk-clarified espresso martini. My first attempt with vodka yielded a final result that, while tasty, didn't justify the clarification process. The second attempt with cognac changed everything. Soon after, I read about Momofuku Milk Bar's Cereal Milk and knew that that had to be what my espresso martini was clarified with. The result is my perfect espresso martini. Enjoy!



 2 oz Cognac
 ¾ oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 ½ oz Simple syrup
 ¾ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
 2 dashes Angostura cocoa bitters
 1 oz Momofuku Cereal Milk (



Combine cognac, Mr. Black, simple syrup, lemon juice, and bitters


Add to cereal milk and let curdle. Strain through a coffee filter


Shake with ice and fine strain into a chilled martini glass


Garnish with a lemon twist and enjoy

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