You're on a remote island holiday with your partner. All you can see is white beaches and bright blue water. You hear the crashing of waves through the window of your villa and slowly wake up. It's only 10:30 am, so you think you've got time. Wrong.
Your partner is already dressed, has the itinerary written up, smashed three cups of coffee and is mad at you for sleeping in. You fool.
No worries, knock back one of these bad boys to get you going.
You'll still be late but at least you're relaxed.



 50 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Spiced Rum(Sailor Jerry)
 15 ml Falernum
 30 ml Mango Puree
 45 ml Pineapple Juice
 15 ml Sugar Syrup



Measure all your ingredients into a cocktail shaker and add ice.


Now shake that bad boy up, maybe even do a little dance. Go on, no one's watching.


We want it a little foamy, so strain the ingredients into another shaker without the ice and give it a good dry shake.


Grab yourself a double rocks glass and fill it with ice.


Strain your ingredients into the glass.


Garnish with dehydrated mango and a lolly banana. Why a lolly banana you ask? Because you deserve a little snack, that's why.


Now go outside and sit down, take a deep breath and exhale. How's the serenity?
Enjoy your cocktail mate.

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