Coffee has around 850 aroma compound associations which is more than chocolate. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with this tropical concoction combining coconut tequila, espresso, Mr Black, grapefruit and pineapple juices. Tropical and tangy, the coffee liqueur adds a je ne sais quoi component that's hard to place in the context of the other flavours.



 50 ml Coconut Tequila(Cazcabel)
 20 ml Mr Black Cold Brew Liqueur
 30 ml Brazilian espresso
 20 Pink Grapefruit juice
 10 ml Agave nectar
 ½ Passionfruit
 50 g Pineapple cubes
 1 pinch Smoked salt



Add all ingredients to a shaker tin and muddle up


Shake all with ice. Strain out pulp and shake again without ice.


Cut a lime slice and scatter some sugar over the top. Grill or torch to caramelised sugar


Pour into a glass filled with ice and garnish with the bruleed lime slice

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