It's dessert cocktail with a little bit of (while being a bit early) holiday twist.
I mostly just wanted to try my hand at making a cocktail of my own. I have a big sweet tooth and love egg nog so of course I had to use it. And I like rum and don't use it enough so I wanted to try and use it so I though what better choice than to use my Don Q gold, the whiskey I was recommended recently and enjoyed it so I thought why not, cinnamon is cinnamon, you can't go wrong with it, and that's that.



 1.50 oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 ¾ oz Gold rum(Don Q)
 1.50 oz Whiskey(Rock and Rye )
 1 oz Demerara syrup
 2 oz Blonde espresso
 3 oz Eggnog
 2 pinches Cinnamon powder



Add all ingredients into shaker tin including cinnamon


Add ice and shake ~10-15 seconds


Strain into 12 oz goblet


Garnish with cinnamon stick and pinch of cinnamon powder


Drink & enjoy!

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