The heart of this cocktail is the Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopian Liqueur. The nutty and orange notes stand out the most to me, so i wanted to create a drink where those flavors were threaded through the entirety of the drinking experience. This is a celebration of orange and coffee, one of my favorite pairings.



 1 oz Aquavit(Venus Spirits Blend No. 1)
 0.50 oz Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopian Liqueur
 0.50 oz Red Aperitivo Blend
 0.50 oz Dry Curacao (Pierre Ferrand)
 0.25 oz Orange Oleo Saccharum
 5 drops Chicory Tincture
 10 drops Improved orange bitters



Add all ingredients to a stirring glass and top with ice and stir


Strain into a Nick and Nora (I used a Rriedel cognac glass)


Pull a long orange peel, express and cut into rectangle with sharp edges. Twist and place

Red Aperitivo Blend

50/50 mix of Campari and Cappelletti Aperitivo Il Specialino (or Negroni Sixteen Liqueur)

Orange Oleo Saccharum

Take 100g of orange peels and toss with 100g white sugar and compress in ziplock bag overnight. The next day add the contents of the bag and 450ml water, 200g brown sugar, 100ml orange juice and gently heat over the stove. Cool mixture, then strain.

Chicory Tincture

take 100g of chicory root and steep with 250ml everclear overnight and strain.

Improved orange bitters

150ml of orange bitters (Regans or Fee) and steep overnight with
10each toasted cardomom pods
10each toasted green peppercorns
10each coriander seeds

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  1. Spice Gal 18 October 2021 at 8:23 am

    This cocktail is insanely good. Love the complexity in this drink as well as the presentation. The orange and the chocolate aren’t overpowering to the drink but just the right amount. Great job ??

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