Passion ! I wanted something that would celebrate the passion for coffee many people have (including me). I choose passionfruit because the power of its flavor and aroma (and because it pairs very well with medium roasted coffee and rum). So, I created a sour cocktail with passion fruit, the herbal flavor of basil and a subtle spice flavor ending. Mr Black is the rockstar. Rum is the spirit of the cocktail (as it is the spirit of Mr Black too).



 45 ml White Rum
 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 20 ml Fresh passion fruit
 20 basil leaves
 5 drops mild pepper sauce
 30 ml egg white



muddle the basil leaves with the passion fruit in the shaker with the pepper sauce.


add the egg white and the rum


Dry shake it until you get a lovely creamy mixture (I did for about 40 seconds)


Add ice and shake it again (I did for about 20 seconds)


In a previously iced coupé glass, pour Mr black liquor


Gently double strain the shaker content on the coupé glass over Mr. Black (it will give you a instant layered effect)...


Gently put few fresh basil stems on top of the foam (I used 3 small stems). Remember to slap the leaves before adding it to the cocktail

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  1. csmarques 14 October 2021 at 4:52 am

    Simple and tasty 😀

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