In 1904 Chris Watson was Australia's first and only PM born outside the Anglosphere.
Born 9 April 1867 in Valparaíso, Chile he was a member of the Labor party an the first labor pm.
This drink is in honour to him.
Its a Mr potato head of a Brandy flip, Subbing the brandy for 45mls pisco and splitting the simple for 30mlsMr black.
The use of bitters is to up the Mr black(chocolate bitters) and pisco(peach Bitters) flavors.
A sublime combo of coffee bitter, sweet, egged slight chalk and pisco.



 45 ml Pisco(Barsol)
 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Simple syrup
 1 dash Peach bitters(Bitter Truth)
 1 dash Chocolate bitters Bitter Truth)
 1 Whole egg



Into a cocktail shaker add all ingredients.


Dry shake for 30 seconds.


Add ice and wet shake till chilled.


Double strain and serve in flip glass.


Garnish with shaved chocolate, coffee beans or dried peach.

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