We love coffee
Sweet and spicy
In an Octopus's Garden
In the Shade

Mr. Black let us in
To the cocktail competition
So we made an Octopus's Garden
In the shade

I'd ask your friends
To drink one and see
An Octopus's Garden
Is refreshing and spicy

We would be warm
In the rum and lime storm
In our radish jalapeno hideaway
Beneath the waves

Resting our head
On a cucumber bed
In an Octopus's Garden
Near sugar cane

I'd like to be
Drinking one, maybe three
Of the Octopus's Garden
In the shade



 1.50 oz Spiced Black Rum (Kraken)
 ¾ oz Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Lime juice freshly squeezed
 0.50 oz Brown Sugar syrup
 4 Peeled cucumber slices
 2 Jalapeno rounds (small slices)
 1 tsp Prepared Horseradish
 8 drops Saline Solution [1:100]



In a mixing glass, muddle the peeled cucumber slices.


Add jalapeño rounds and lightly muddle again.


Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice until chilled.


Double strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice.


Garnish with a lime wheel and cucumber ribbon.

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