It's always a rainy season when plums ripe, and it's always a rainy season that my heart twists, tears and cries.

Constantly twisting that's sourness of the immature green plum.

They think that coconut trees whit coffee are the spiritual support pillars.

I pray sincerely, hoping to be taken care of by the God of Luck when anxiety devours me.

Like a life saving ladder, blocking the acid erosion of me emotion.



 50 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 10 ml Pandan syrup
 30 ml Coconut water
 20 ml Plum Vinegar
 15 ml Lemon



1.combine all the ingredients into shaker
2.shaker whith ice
3.strain into glass Bamboo skewers Fascin
method:Boston shaker

Pandan Syrup

Kaffir Lime Leaf 2g Pandan Leaf 12.5g Water 300g Sugar 300g
1.Cut the pandan leaves and lime leaves, add them to the pot and rehydrate
2.Boil until the water boils and then cover the pot for 15 minutes
3.After filtering, add the same amount of sugar and stir on low heat until the sugar melts

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