I wanted to see if I could strip the namesake colour from everyones favourite Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur, while still preserving the delicious and distinct flavour. The end result to my efforts was Mr White, a silky smooth, crystal clear concoction that may not have Mr Black's looks, but certainly has his character!



 240 ml Clarified White Batch
 0.25 cup Vanilla Coconut Foam
 1 pinch Black Salt



This recipe requires a bit of equipment, so before you start make sure you've got the following:

1x 1L plastic container (or similar 1L vessel)
2x 500mL bottles (bigger is fine)
1x Funnel
1x Packet of Coffee Filters
1x ISI Cream Whipper
1x NO2 Cream Charger
210mL Coconut Water
75mL Egg White
60mL Simple Syrup
5mL Vanilla Extract


First step, we're starting off with a gross one, but stick with me! Pour 30mL of Full Cream Milk into a container, and top it off with 240mL of Coca Cola. Give it a bit of a stir to combine and then set aside for half an hour to curdle (I swear it gets better!).


To a 1L container add the following ingredients:

90mL Mr Black
90mL Hennessy VS (or similar cognac)
60mL Lemon Juice
10 Dashes Orange Bitters


Take your disgusting milk & coke concoction and pour it over your other ingredients. Give this a quick stir to mix it all together, then leave it for 5 minutes to work a bit of magic.


Set your 500mL bottles (or similar containers) up, with the funnel lined with a coffee filter in one of them. Pour your mixture into the filter and allow it to drip for a couple minutes.


After a few minutes have passed, transfer the funnel to your second container, and pour the liquid that had filtered through into the first container back through the funnel to filter again.


Wait! You'll need a bit of patience here, but you need to let the entire mixture slowly drip through the filter. This will take a few hours, so maybe watch a movie or take the dog for a walk.


Once the entire mixture has finished filtering, take a look! If you're happy with the colour, perfect! Bottle it up and chuck it in the fridge to cool down. If you want yours crystal clear, pass it through that same filter again (I know, more waiting!). The initial mixture will be slightly brown still, but for reference it took 4 filtrations to get mine the perfect colour, though this didn't affect the flavour at all, so one filtration is just fine.


Time to make your Vanilla Coconut Foam! Grab your Cream Charger and add the following to it:

210mL Coconut Water
75mL Egg White
60mL Simple Syrup
5mL Vanilla Extract


Charge up your whipper with the NO2, give it a solid shake and put it in the fridge for at least an hour.


Finally! Time to make the cocktail! Your clarified batch should be enough for two drinks, so grab yourself a buddy and add 240mL of your Clarified White Batch to a glass, ensuring to leave enough room for the foam. Take your cream charge and add a generous helping of the Vanilla Coconut Foam to the top. Sprinkle a little bit of Black Sea Salt over the top to make it look fancy and enjoy!

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