I made this cocktail because most coffee cocktails now use black coffee formulas(espresso martini or coffee old fashioned) and while I have always loved great coffee, and by extension, great coffee liqueurs, I prefer milk drinks, so I came up with one, inspired by Vietnamese iced coffee, that was coffee forward, but still sweet and milky



 60 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 30 ml Rum
 6090 ml Strong coffee (mocha pot, aeropress, cafephin)
 40 ml Sweet condensed milk
 24 dashes Optional coffee or chocolate bitters



Make strong coffee in a 4:1 ratio such as mocha pot or Vietnamese phin/fin


Add the coffee and condensed milk to a glass and mix until combined


Fill glass with crushed ice


Add mr black and rum to glass, and stir until well chilled and slightly diluted


Enjoy with a straw, optionally add some coffee or chocolate bitters for added complexity

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