I wanted to create a Low ABV Cocktail that's easy to mix and appealing in taste. Basically a Cocktail that could be enjoyed everywhere around the world and something that is also easy to change to make ist more suitable to ones taste while still having an amazing drink.
For a little spice you can Just add chilli for example and for more frutiness you just add a different mixer and you can also use Tonic for more bitterness If you Like.
Cheers 🙂



 40 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Italicus Bergamotte
 30 g Red Bell Pepper
 2 pinches Freshly ground pepper
 80 ml Ginger Ale(Schweppes)



Add Mr Black, Italicus, Freshly Ground Pepper and The Bell Pepper into Shaker tin


Muddle the Bell Pepper in the Shaker tin


Shake with ice and fine strain into Highball Glas or Longdrink


Top up with Ginger Ale and garnish with dehydrated Lemon - Enjoy!

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