Originally inspired by a Kingston sour by @cheerstohappyhour (on Instagram), this cocktail underwent many changes, in the end being closer to the specs of a gin sour.
Substituting a float of wine for a pour of Mr Black, as well as, the orgeat for some Cointreau and rum for gin, this drink is fruity and a perfect fit for the tropical weather currently hitting South Australia.



 45 ml Gin (I used Threefold, but anything fruity will do nicely)
 15 ml Cointreau
 15 ml Simple Syrup
 22.50 ml Supasawa (sub for lemon juice if neccessary)
 30 ml Mr Black



Combine Gin, Cointreau, Simple Syrup and Supasawa in a shaker


Add a small amount of crushed/pebble ice to a shaker. Shake to chill


Fill a collins glass with crushed/pebble ice, then add the drink to the glass


"Attempt" to float Mr Black on top of the ice


Top with more ice. Garnish with a flower from your mum's garden

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