Inspired by the Breakfast Shot, my go-to shooter, I set out to combine the flavors of coffee, bacon, and pancakes. Somehow, through the magic of mixology, I ended up with the Mr Donut. This cocktail tastes just like a classic donut shop confection. I have no idea how adding bacon-fat washed coffee liqueur equals donut, but at this point, I'm not asking questions. Enjoy!



 2 oz Bacon Fat Washed Mr Black
 1 oz Irish Whiskey(Jameson Black Barrel )
 0.50 oz Rye Whiskey(Rittenhouse Rye or sub Whistle Pig 6 Year)
 0.75 oz Rich Demerara Syrup
 2 dashes Orange Bitters(Angostura)



Rinse a Nick & Nora glass with the Angostura Orange Bitters


Put all other ingredients into a tin


Add ice


Shake for 12 - 15 seconds


Double strain into Nick & Nora glass


Bacon Fat Washed Mr Black
8 oz of Mr Black
2 oz of Fried Bacon Grease

Combine into jar
Shake very well several times over 2 hours
Place in freezer for 24 hours
Strain out your Bacon Fat Washed Mr Black

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