I wanted to do something local to my area and since I live in Ohio, USA I figured I'd go for an alcoholic take on one of the chocolate and peanut butter candies, a buckeye. And use local fudge sauce to sweeten the cocktail.



 45 ml Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 22.50 ml Peanut Butter Whiskey(Skrewball)
 15 ml Fudge cream
 1 dash Fee brothers chocolate bitters
 1 dash Saline solution
 1 Buckeye candy



Create the fudge cream by combining 3/4 cup of heavy cream and 2.5 tablespoons of fudge sauce (in my case Malley's fudge sauce). Lightly heat and stir until fudge sauce and cream is fully combined.


Allow for fudge cream to cool in refrigerator for at least 1 hour


Combine all ingredients except the the buckeye into a shaker tin and shake hard with ice for 10 to 20 seconds.


Cut a small opening on the side of the buckeye and gently rest it on the edge of a nick and nora glass


Double strain the cocktail into the nick and Nora glass.

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