Double double shot espresso
Nothing beats a little spiked Joe
Pinch of cake vodka in the cauldron
Add Mr. Black we’re not quite done
Pour Creme de Cacao stir it slow
Mr. Black Magic Cake we will sow
Drop in shaker a cube of ice
Stir it slow or pay the price
Dip your glass into honey
So your sprinkles don't get runny
Add a dash of dust of pearl
in the glass with a swirl
Squirt of dye black as night
Sparkles will illuminate
Ooze in smoke but be spry
Don't let smoke get in your eye



 2 oz Espresso
 2 oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz Cake Vodka
 1 oz Creme de Cacao
 1 tbsp Honey
 2 tbsp Sprinkles
 12 dashes Edible Pearl Dust
 12 drops Black Food Coloring
 1 Smoke



Add Espresso, Mr. Black. Cake Vodka and Creme de Cacao into cocktail shaker


Add ice cube to cocktail shaker and stir. Do NOT shake. Set aside


Rim coupe with honey and dip in sprinkles. Carefully pour cocktail into coupe


Add 2 dashes of edible pearl dust and 2 drops black food coloring for sparkle effect


Prepare your smoke gun


Have a friend assist and hover a plate over the glass while you seep smoke into the glass, then cover to hold in smoke


Let sit for a few seconds and then drink

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