A night cap or an after meal cocktail for you. I really like the complexity of amaro and bitters with Mr Black. The Black Walnut Bitters contributes a robust, earthy and nutty character and futher enhance by the homemade orgeat. The Amara Lucano provides a bitterness with a spearmint freshness, herbal complexity and mild spice to the cocktail.

So is this drink Nuts? Mr Black?



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Amaro Lucana
 15 ml Black Walnut Bitters
 20 ml Lemon Juice
 30 ml Homemade Orgeat (Almond)



Combine all ingredients into a shaker


Shake 10-15 seconds with ice


Double Strain into a coupe glass


Garnish with 3 maraschino cherry


For the Almond Milk:
Toast 1Cup (108g) Sliced Almonds over medium heat
Place into a Vita-Mix or blender with 2 Cups (500ml) plus 2 Tablespoons (30ml) of warm water
Blend for two minutes on high.
Place mixture into a nut bag or cheese cloth lined collander and press the mixture releasing the liquid. Toss solids or dehydrate it into almond meal for baking. Your choice.

For Orgeat :
Combine Almond milk 12oz (360ml)
2 Cups (450g) Caster Sugar also known as Superfine Sugar
2.5 tsp (12.5ml) Cognac
2.5 tsp (12.5ml) Amaretto
.25 tsp (1.25ml) Orange Flower Water

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