When I tasted Mr. Black I was really intrigued by all the fruity notes of the cold brew, so I decided to try to focus on those. The first thing I tried was just a 1:1 mix of Jamaican rum and Mr. Black. That seemed to be going great so I kept testing. The rye came last minute and I think it really helps bring up some of the richer chocolatey flavors of the coffee. The whole thing had a bit of a coffee and cherry pie vibe in the end so I thought of "black as the sky on a moonless night."



 1.50 oz Mr. Black
 1 oz Jamaican rum
 0.50 oz Rye
 0.25 oz Maraschino liqueur
 0.25 oz Chartreuse



In a mixing glass, combine all ingredients.


Add ice.


Stir to chill.


Serve in a chilled rocks glass over a large cube.


Garnish with an orange twist.

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