Coldbrew is my go-to coffee so I wanted to create a great cocktail using the same cold brew concentrate I use in my everyday coffee. Using mint from my garden, I was able to create a mint-infused simple syrup that compliments not only the jager well, but the coffee flavors nicely.



 1.50 fl oz Jagermeister
 1.50 fl oz Mr Black Cofee Liqueur
 2 fl oz Cold Brew Concentrate (Stone Street Cold Brew Roast made with a Toddy System)
 2 tbsp Mint Infused Simple Syrup
 2 fl oz Heavy Cream
 1 tsp Mint Infused Simple Syrup (added to the cream)
 3 dashes Chocolate Bitters
 1 Fresh Mint



Combine Jagermeister, Mr. Black, Cold Brew Concentrate, and the 2 tbsp of mint simple syrup to a mixing glass over ice.


Strain the mixture into a per-chilled glass.


Combine the heavy cream and 1 tsp of mint simple syrup into a shaker glass and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Top the drink using the heavy cream by pouring it onto a spoon first, allowing the cream to sit on top.


Add several dashes of chocolate bitters and garnish with fresh mint.

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