This cocktail is an all Italian after dinner/nightcap cocktail, which evolved over several iterations from a Negroni variation that swapped Campari for an amaro. Seeing how integral Italy has been in the global coffee culture and how well the many different flavour compounds of coffee pair with the different ingredients, I think it's a perfect fit. It's a complex mix of fruity, herbal, roasted, chocolaty, sweet and bitter flavours and scents. The name stems from the too main ingredients.



 1 oz Mr Black coffee liqueur
 1 oz Rosso vermouth (Martini)
 0.50 oz Amaro Averna (Don Salvatore)
 1.50 oz Aged Grappa(Marzadro Diciotto Lune)
 1 oz Angostura bitters
 2 oz Chocolate bitters
 1 oz Cocktail stick
 1 oz Maraschino Cocktail Cherry
 1 oz Orange peel



Take a rocks glass or double old fashioned and fill it with ice cubes, or alternatively with one large ice cube


Add all ingredients


Stir it until thoroughly chilled and diluted


Cut an orange peel, express it's oil over the glass and rub the rim of the glass with the peel, before trimming the peel


Take a cocktail stick and pierce it through one end of the orange peel, then a maraschino cocktail cherry, then the other end of the peel, forming a crescent moon with the cherry at its core


Add the garnish to the cocktail and serve, or enjoy yourself

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