During the first COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to take up some new hobbies; including earning a bar tending certificate. I then immediately began experimenting with flavor combinations and testing variations of popular cocktails. This particular drink is based off of the popular White Russian cocktail, but provides a more smooth and complex blend of flavors. Originally named after a fictional cafe in a video game, i later learned LeBlanc is also a family name from previous generations.



 1.50 fl oz White Rum
 0.50 fl oz Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
 0.50 fl oz Hazelnut Liqueur
 0.50 fl oz Creme De Cacao White
 2 fl oz Cream



Place a few medium/small ice cubes in a chilled glass.


Add white rum, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur, and Hazelnut Liqueur. Stir well. (Ensure that the ingredients are well chilled, this will ensure that the cream doesn’t curdle and will ensure best flavor)


Add Cream, continue stirring until all of the ingredients are incorporated. Add crushed ice to fill.


Optional; you may add garnish to taste, including Cocoa Powder, Nutmeg, Whipped Cream, etc. This is not mandatory, but can enhance your preferred flavors.

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  1. Paula Allain 14 October 2021 at 1:07 am

    This is one of the best dessert drinks I have ever had!

  2. james.pokemon2 14 October 2021 at 1:25 am

    Smooth, with rich flavors and velvety texture, this drink brings out the potential of Mr. Black while letting even non-coffee-drinkers appreciate its flavor.

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