Inspired by my favorite cardamom flavored rice pudding, this cocktail is a refreshing, not-too-sweet, concoction of coconut milk with coffee and orange flavors. Each sip ends with a subtle kick of cardamom



 1.50 oz vodka
 1.50 oz coconut milk
 1 oz Mr. Black
 1 oz Creole Shrubb Orange Liqueur or Cointreau
 ¾ oz simple syrup
 4 cardamom pods
 1 tsp toasted coconut



Coarsely chop or crush cardamom pods to release flavor. Use mortar and pestle, or mallet.


Place cardamom pods into shaker with vodka and muddle for 20 seconds or so. Add coconut milk, Mr. Black, orange liqueur and simple syrup. Add ice. Shake for 30 seconds.


Fill large highball or lowball glass with crushed ice. Double strain the cocktail from shaker into glass. Top with toasted coconut.

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