Mr. Black is a brand that uses top-quality Arabica coffee and Australian wheat vodka and is handmade. They presents the flavor of the original materials. When you have the right supplies made from the best materials, all it takes is the simplest skills to create a glass of delicious cocktail. I use Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur combined with strawberry liqueur and American whiskey to present multiple levels of flavor and the smoothest taste in order to break the traditional viewpoint of coffee.



 20 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 10 ml Mr Black Amaro
 30 ml Tennessee Whiskey(Jack Daniel's)
 10 ml Bourbon Whiskey(Maker's Mark)
 20 ml Strawberry Liqueur(Vedrenne)
 5 ml Maple syrup



Combine all the ingredients into mixing glass


Stir with ice


Strain into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass


Dressing with cream style corn

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