This cocktail is meant to bridge the gap between two opposing worlds of coffee cocktails - the dark and rich, and the bright and tropical. This creamy flip has a base of funky Jamaican rum, and is sweetened with a dark and nutty toasted pecan orgeat. Pineapple juice and liqueur lift the drink, which is of course highlighted by a generous portion of Mr Black.



 45 ml Jamaican Rum
 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 15 ml Toasted pecan orgeat
 22.50 ml Pineapple juice
 7.50 ml Pineapple liqueur
 7.50 ml Lemon juice
 1 Whole egg
 Dehydrated Pineapple



Combine all ingredients (except for dehydrated pineapple) in a cocktail shaker.


Dry shake vigorously. Add Ice and shake again.


Double strain into a stemmed cocktail glass.


Add a piece of dehydrated pineapple as a garnish. Enjoy!

Pecan Orgeat

Lightly toast 1 cup of pecans in a pan on the stove. Cool and blend into a coarse crumb. Separately, combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar in a medium saucepan over low heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat, add the pecans, cover and let sit for 4+ hours. Strain through a cheesecloth.

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