I wanted to make a cocktail that resembled a frozen coke float from Macca's but for it to be coffee forward, and possibly to resemble something you might get at a Starbucks, but with alcohol obviously. Wanted it to be drinkable after dinner treat for an Australian summer.



 30 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
 22.50 ml Spiced Rum(Kraken)
 15 ml Amaro Montenegro
 15 ml Espresso coffee
 30 ml Heavy Cream
 1 dash Chocolate Powder



Pour Cream and Amaro into a shaker and dry shake with a strainer coil until lightly whipped, 90-120 seconds.

Or, ideally with the same ratio in a cream whipper and cream cannister for aeration.


Pour all dark ingredients into a beaker and stir over Ice to mix and chill.


Pack a small tumbler with crushed Ice, pour the dark mixture over the crushed Ice.


Top with the cream and Garnish with chocolate powder

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