Seasonal and Boozy.
Enjoy a spicy cinnamon coffee that’ll warm you up on a cool autumn evening.

I wanted to make a drink that expresses my three favorite things: autumn, coffee, and rum. It’s hard to get the spice of cinnamon into a drink, so I added in the firewater to really kick it up. The honey syrup brings it all together and helps to blend everything into a perfect, smooth ride.
Try with your favorite rums. Spiced rums work in it as well! Play with the garnishes!



 1 oz Mr Black
 2 oz Jamaican Aged Rum(Appleton Estate Signature)
 ½ oz Honey Syrup
 2 dashes Firewater Bitters(Scrappys)
 2 drops Aromatic Bitters (Fee Bros)



In a mixing glass add the following: Mr Black, Appleton Estate, Honey Syrup, & Firewater Bitters


Stir contents of the glass with a cube to cool it.


Strain the mix into a rocks glass with a big, fat cube inside.


Dash Fee Brother’s bitters on top of the ice to really let the cinnamon smell shine.


Garnish with a lemon peel, cinnamon stick, anything that suits your fancy.

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